Dragon Ball Super TCG: Zenkai Series – Perfect Combination Booster Box (B23 – First Edition)


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A Saiyan has no limits

Dragon Ball Super follows the adventures of Goku and his friends after defeating Majin Buu and bringing peace to Earth once again. Goku encounters beings far more powerful and defends the Earth against a powerful destructive deity. He attains the power of a god and learns his newly discovered powers under the gods of his universe. Goku travels to other universes to face more powerful opponents as well as nearly unstoppable foes.

A massive expansion of the new “Z Extra” cards with beloved items like the “Scouter” and more special moves!

The long-awaited return of Ultra Instinct Son Goku as a Leader Card from the Universe Survival Saga is now here! Surpass Son Goku’s limit with this Ultra Instinct card featuring an ultra-gorgeous illustration! Fan favourite Son Goku & Son Gohan team “Combination” deck from the Android Cell saga is ultra strong! Your favourite Dragon Ball characters team up in Set 06 for a new gameplay experience!

Dragon Ball Super – TCG – Zenkai Series 06 Includes:

Common x60 (normal/holo ver.)
Uncommon x30 (normal/holo ver.)
Rare x29 (normal/holo ver.)
Super Rare x18
Special Rare x14
Secret Rare x3
God Rare × 1

12 cards per booster pack
24 packs per booster box