Cardtopia PokeSub League Champion – Subscription Box

$700.00 / Month

PokeSub is a monthly subscription box designed for Pokémon enthusiasts, providing a curated collection of unique and high-quality items inspired by the Pokémon world. Each box is carefully crafted to surprise and delight subscribers with a mix of items ranging from exclusive merchandise to practical and fun collectibles.

Embark on the ultimate Pokémon journey with our League Champion Subscription Boxes, filled with exhilarating surprises from the Pokémon universe that promise to delight you every month. Unlock the full potential of your Pokémon collection with our most premium subscription box yet, and take your collection to unparalleled heights of excitement!



Join our Subscription boxes and get exclusive membership offers!
All memberships include the base benefits below; however, each subscription offers different exclusive products!

Why subscribe?
– Exclusive products that we usually don’t have in our store sent out to you monthly.
– Higher chance of pre-order priority.
– Queue skipping for Stream queue.
– Information sharing and analytics of pre-releases, hot products and more!
– VIP service for product requests such as single cards and sealed products across international market.
– Exclusive Discount Codes
– Pre-Grade servicing

Not satisfied? You can cancel your subscription anytime as easy as one click of a button!

Pricing: $700 which will be debited monthly!

Guaranteed Vintage exclusive modern products! May also Contain:

Approximately $700 value of Exclusive Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) Products:
– Special TCG packs
– Modern or Vintage Slabs
– Vintage Booster Pack
– Exclusive, Vintage, modern or new releases of Sealed boxes and many more!